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For Children

We have created unique conditions for children’s holidays:
Every day different children’s rooms are open in the buildings “Coral”, “Dolphin”, “Neptune”. Besides that, the children’s center “Delfinyonok” is located on the vicinity of the pool.

Highly qualified teachers will make your children’s holiday in “Adlerkurort” interesting, useful and memorable!
Children’s programs offer different activities such as, drawing, creating hand-mades, teaching master classes, conducting desktop and educational games, quizzes, staging puppet shows, watching cartoons, organizing holidays and game programs.

Opening hours: 9.00-18.00, break: 13.00-14.00. In the evening, from 19.00 to 21.00. Center “Dolphin” takes guests only in the summer season.

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There are also several open children’s playgrounds where everything is organized for the children to spend their leisure time in the open air.

You will also be lucky to find yourself in the Sochi Discovery World Aquarium – the largest oceanarium on the southern coast of Russia. There are several expositions in it. The first one is dedicated to freshwater fish. One of its peculiarities is a waterfall in the rainforest. And you can also see more than 100 freshwater species from the Amazon and Ecuador to Australia there. What is more there is a room for the inhabitants of seas and oceans, which includes 13 small aquariums and a winding tunnel, where you are surrounded by water on three sides.

Next to our pool there is a dolphinarium where both kids and adults are sure to be delighted at the sight of dolphins! And there is a large amusement park in the resort town, in which your children can be happy all day long.

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