Treatment Pump Room


Dear guests! Therapy with the use of mineral water is effective, especially in diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.If you suffer from one of them, you should visit the pump room in Sochi.
Information about the Pump room
On the territory of the sanatorium “Adlerkurort” there is a pump room, which is considered to be the largest in the city of Sochi.Water “Plastunskaya” is extracted from the similar named source, located at a depth of more than five hundred meters under the ground in the Khosta district. Total mineralization varies from 1.2 to 2 grams per liter, water is slightly mineralized and alkalized with sodium hydrocarbonate. В ней в значительных количествах содержатся йод, бор, кремний, фтор. It contains iodine, boron, silicon, fluoride in considerable quantities.
The influence of the water
The use of water “Plastunskaya” is included in the sanatorium treatment, conducted in the complex “Adlerkurort”, and enhances its effect, helping to achieve the best results.When ingested, it normalizes digestive and metabolic processes, as well as oxidation-reduction reactions, removes slags, salts of heavy metals and other harmful substances from the body, promotes tissue repair and regeneration, improves overall tone, and strengthens protective forces.
The use is indicated in colitis, gastritis, ulcer of the duodenum or stomach, pancreatitis, certain disorders of metabolic processes (such as oxaluria or phosphaturia, diabetes mellitus), diseases of the bile ducts, liver.
Mineral water “Plastunskaya” is a “soft” treatment and table water, and therefore its use does not require restrictions and has no contraindications.
If the secretion of gastric juice is increased, then you should take about an hour before meals, 200 ml three times a day.With a reduced or normal production of digestive enzymes, it is recommended to drink 200 milliliters thirty minutes before meals three times a day.

Try the action of mineral water “Plastunskaya” from the pump room of the sanatorium “Adlerkurort” on yourself!

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