Tours with treatment in sanatorium Adlerkurort

The largest sanatorium on the Black Sea coast “Adlerkurort” is settled in one of the warmest, coziest and most hospitable corners of Great Sochi. The infrastructure of the resort town allows you to spend comfortably carefree vacations for adults and children. The medical center of the sanatorium offers our guests several options for vouchers that would fill you with vital forces, strengthen immunity and improve the quality of life.

The cost is from 1680 rubles per day per person Health-improving permit is a great option for everyone who wants to spend a vacation in Sochi with health benefits! Outdoor recreation in the daytime, sea bathing and evening walks have a beneficial effect on all body systems and strengthen immunity […]

The cost is from 2230 rubles per night per person It is rather difficult to closely monitor your health throughout the year, as it takes a lot of time and requires a systematic approach. Sanatorium “Adlerkurort” offers its guests to combine rest on the sea with effective recovery.Sanatorium treatment restores […]

Стоимость от 2470 РУБ в сутки на персону The course of treatment on the voucher “General therapy with Matsesta” has an enhanced therapeutic effect due to the complex effect of natural mineral waters of Matsesta, physiotherapeutic and medicamental treatment. Hydrogen sulfide water Matsesta gives again the ease of movement, the […]

Sanatorium “Adlerkurort” offers effective treatment of chronic dermatoses.Unique factors of the natural environment and mild subtropical climate of Sochi, a balanced diet and a specially selected course of procedures contribute to the speedy treatment of chronic dermatological diseases. Indications for treatment: psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatosis, occupational skin diseases, dermatomyositis, lichen planus, […]

Dear guests, you can ask any question that interests you about the health services of the sanatorium in the form of feedback, which you can find below, Our chief doctor Zarema Ibragimovna Lamokova will respond in the near future!

It is quite possible to conduct a full diagnosis of the whole organism, to identify risks and predisposition to various diseases, to receive effective individual treatment on the basis of medical center “Adlerkurort”. Laboratory diagnostics: Clinical studies Investigation of the homeostasis system Immunological research Biochemical studies Immunofermental studies Functional diagnostics: […]

Dear guests! Therapy with the use of mineral water is effective, especially in diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.If you suffer from one of them, you should visit the pump room in Sochi. Information about the Pump room On the territory of the sanatorium “Adlerkurort” there is a […]

Guests of our sanatorium are provided with the services of a cosmetology room: Face rejuvenation with injections; Change of facial forms without surgery (filling nasolabial folds, changing the shape of the lips, getting rid of large and small wrinkles); Mesotherapy: hair treatment, reduction of body volume, treatment of cellulite; Face […]

Are you planning to improve your health during a holiday in a sanatorium?We will be glad to help you in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases! Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: Osteochondrosis of the spine including protrusion Herniated discs Arthritis and polyarthritis of non-tuberculosis origin Diseases […]

water is the main medical factor of the resort of Sochi. “Matsesta” hydrogen sulfide mineral waterMatsesta belongs to the most rare types of mineral waters. Its undeniable therapeutic value is based on a unique simultaneous presence in therapeutically significant amounts (on the background of high total mineralization) of iodine, bromine, […]

General contraindications, excluding sending patients for treatment in health resorts and local sanatoria All diseases in the acute stage, chronic diseases in the acute stage and complicated by an acute process Acute infectious diseases before the end of the isolation period Epilepsy All diseases of the blood in acute and […]

Pricelist for medical services In the Medical Center of JSC “Adlerkurort” 2017-2018 year Registration of medical documentation Name of service price, rub Consultative and diagnostic complex for obtaining sanatorium-and-spa treatment 1 200 Consultations of doctors of specialists Name of service price, rub Admission obstetrician-gynecologist outpatient treatment-diagnostic primary 700 Reception of obstetrician-gynecologist out-patient medical-diagnostic repeated […]

Wellness With “Wellness” voucher You will have an excellent chance to spend a healthy vacation in Sochi! General therapeutic Choosing “General therapy package” you will enjoy a holiday by the sea. Besides that, Your body will gain more energy and grow stronger in the beautiful nature of Sochi! General therapy […]


To book a room, you can call 8-800-707-36-26 (free call within Russia) or use the online chat box in the lower right corner.You will be advised on all issues of interest and will choose the appropriate room and rate.Booking directly on our website is also available.The booking form is very simple and convenient, you can choose the date of vacation, the room and the option of the tour you like.

Leisure options available

If you have already decided to buy a ticket to a sanatorium in Sochi, you will get a wonderful chance to appreciate all the benefits of recreation in our sanatorium:

  • “Adlerkurort” is the first coastline. The sanatorium is close to the sea, so you will enjoy an amazing beach holiday.
  • Sanatorium in Adler with treatment. If you have any health problems, you can solve them by combining business with pleasure.Highly qualified doctors who are responsible for prevention and treatment of various body systems: such as respiratory, urinary, cardiovascular, digestive, muscular, reproductive, skeletal and others are working with us.
  • “Adlerkurort” is a huge sanatorium in Sochi with a swimming pool of sea water.You can benefit greatly from the bathing procedure in the outdoor pool, without leaving the park area.
  • Carefree rest on the “all inclusive” system will allow you to forget about everyday problems and spend your holidays in Sochi.
  • “Adlerkurort” is a health resort in Sochi by the sea with its own beach, where you can have everything you need to relax: sun loungers, umbrellas, sunbathing areas, showers.
  • You will find classes for young and active people, pensioners and also for children, for different entertainments are available for every taste…
  • “Adlerkurort” is a holiday in the sanatorium of Sochi with meals on the buffet system, so you can choose your favorite dishes and try new ones.Our food is always fresh and nutritious!
  • In our territory there are four buildings of various comfort, they are of different number of storeys and stars with rooms of different categories, which can accommodate more than 2500 people.There are balconies overlooking the sea, mountains or the park. We provide extra beds, baby cots and highchairs.
  • We often carry out various actions that make the rest affordable and economical.For example, you can buy discounted health vouchers of different directions.
  • On the territory of our sanatorium there is a pump roomwith mineral water of local origin.The use of mineral water “Plastunskaya” is included in sanatorium treatment and enhances its effect, helping to achieve the best results..

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